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Dominate Search Results 

Using our tailored keyword approach, your brand will dominate the search results.  People in your market looking to buy a car today will see your ad first. 

Feature Pictures of Your Fresh Inventory

ADS ensures that your digital marketing is routinely updated to reflect your current inventory, where others will show customers cars your moved off the lot months ago. 

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Every Device Covered

With our next generation strategy, all our digital content is designed to work on every device.  That means we serve ads to every computer, phone, tablet, and internet-enabled toaster to ensure you reach your customers.

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ADS targets only those consumers in your backyard.  With the ability to track performance at the zipcode level, we can adjust your campaign to target higher value areas within your market to ensure maximum sales revenue.


ADS takes your best offers and pushes them hard when potential customers are at or near your competitor’s dealerships – turning the competition’s hard work into your revenue stream.

Digital Services


Where many digital agencies only follow the consumers tracked by their advertisements, ADS tracks and serves ads to every person that has visited your website.

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Social Media Customer Engagement

Landing Pages

Capture your digital customers with landing pages.  Landing pages take someone who is browsing your site and turn them into a quality lead your sales representatives can follow up on.

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Lead Generation

ADS provides your team with quality leads to give your team the information they need to make the sale. No more phone numbers without a name or customer records without any information on the car they desire.


Make & Model

Phone Number



and More

In-Store Integration

Follow-up on in store leads with a full suite of digital tracking and advertising.

Increase the revenue generated by each member of your sales team.

Get Your Leads in Your CRM

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Co-op Compliant

We ensure your ads match your manufacturer’s requirements for co-op fulfillment – ensuring you leave nomoney on the table.

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Useful Reporting Without the Fake News

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  • Stats that do not help you make the sale
  • Web browser information
  • Operating system information
  • Digital metrics – Clicks, Impressions, Conversions, etc.
  • Geographic information on where your metrics are coming from
  • Data on which offers and ads are top performers

Weekly Consulting Phone Call

Don’t get left in the dark or drowned out by buzzwords. At ADS, we make sure you have a human contact you can speak with regularly to go over strategy and reporting.

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Automotive Digital Solution

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Total Media Strategy

Weekly Consulting Phone Call

Redirect vendor wasted spend

Search Results Advertising

Mobile & Tablet Advertising

Geo-targeting & Geo-fencing


Video Advertising

Regular Tailoring to Your Specials

Landing Pages with Lead Generation

CRM Integration

Go Cross Media

Supercharged Sales

Everything in Boost,


In-store Integration

Target auto intender audiences, by zip-code

Targets households with disposable income thresholds, by zip-code

Target suitable credit onlookers, by zip-code

Adjust digital exposure on days that the weather has an effect on traffic

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