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Automotive Digital Solution

ADS’ blend of talent and seasoned creative minds combines for the perfect atmosphere for designing, refreshing, or improving your online brand.

Whether you’re looking to boost sales or to totally revamp your image, ADS’ digital and creative team will deliver results.

Recognized by Google as a national leader in the industry.

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Digital Value Chain Mastery

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Show Your Brand on Every Screen

With ADS, your creative shows on every screen – from mobiles to tablets and everything in between


Follow your leads until they convert to sales


Show your best offers when your potential customers are driving into your competition’s dealership


Every Other Digital Report


All style and no substance

Meant to dazzle with irrelevant information

Ask yourself, how will knowing what browser your customer uses help you make the sale?

Automotive Digital Solution

Know where your customers are coming from – down to the zipcode 
See what creative is driving the most traffic
See what third party auto sites are driving traffic in your backyard
                                   Target auto intender audiences, by zip-code
             Targets households with disposable income thresholds, by zip-code

We Work With Your CRM

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Traditional Media

With 87 years combined experience representing clients in a variety of markets, our team uses innovative strategies to target not only a greater number of people, but the most likely consumer to purchase. We have the tools, experience, and creativity to set you apart from the competition.

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Our Plans


Total Media Strategy

Weekly Consulting Phone Call

Redirect vendor wasted spend

Search Results Advertising

Mobile & Tablet Advertising

Geo-targeting & Geo-fencing


Video Advertising

Regular Tailoring to Your Specials

Landing Pages with Lead Generation

CRM Integration

Go Cross Media

Supercharged Sales

Everything in Boost,


In-store Integration

Target auto intender audiences, by zip-code

Targets households with disposable income thresholds, by zip-code

Target suitable credit onlookers, by zip-code

Adjust digital exposure on days that the weather has an effect on traffic

Supercharge Me