Digital Revenue Platform
Every vendor makes claims to have a “one of a kind” digital product. We have designed a proprietary digital revenue reporting platform that gauges your digital investment’s performance. It grades and measures your vendor allocations providing a cost comparison analysis displayed on a “Real Time” dashboard. Recommendations issued, are geared towards streamlining your digital performance, by providing a full funnel vendor outlay and revenue reporting.
Click Play – ADS proprietary dealer dashboard grades each vendor’s un-siphoned ”true” data, thereby eliminating “Fake News” narratives.

Weather Lab

Why waste ad spend on a cold, rainy, weekday hump when a warm and clear weekend of opportunity is around the corner?
Weather Lab
The ADS Weather Lab pairs historic sales data from your CRM with weather data for your location to forecast the foot traffic your store will see over the coming week. Have a snow storm blowing in on Wednesday? ADS can save your early week ad spend for they days after it clears - maximizing the value of your digital dollar.

Serve your market when it counts!

Don’t let the weather waste your wallet – ask here for more information.
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No More Fake News ADS Digital Revenue Platform Cuts Through Your Vendor's BS

Eliminate Fake News

Get the truth behind your vendor’s performance by comparing them to each other.

Increase Sales With Smarter Spend

  • Redirect vendor wasted spend
  • Target auto intender audiences, by zip-code
  • Target households with disposable income thresholds, by zip-code
  • Target suitable credit onlookers, by zip-code
  • Adjust digital exposure on days that the weather has an effect on traffic
  • Improves overall performance
  • Take market share from competitors